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Our Comprehensive Suite of Financial Solutions

Our Comprehensive Suite of Financial Solutions

BRS provides a comprehensive range of services including Stock brokering, Online Trading, Foreign Desk and Research. By leveraging an extensive understanding of local equity dynamics and adopting global best practices, our sales team collaborates closely with our equity research team to provide recommendations that are grounded in fundamental analysis and driven by strong convictions. Having one of the largest depository account bases in the industry with more than 84,000 CDS accounts under its custody the company caters to all leading Domestic Institutional Investors, High Net worth Individuals (HNIs) and a wide range of retail Investors around the country. Comprised of industry experts with vast experience, our sales team stands out in the market, while Bartleet Religare Securities' unparalleled local presence further enhances our ability to deliver exceptional insights and services.

Our Services

  • Stock Brokering and Investment Advisory

    At BRS, investors benefit from the best of both worlds. The personalized service of a boutique organization and the global reach and resources of a top tier financial firm. Bartleet Religare Securities has over 50 members on staff and is a preferred broker for many Foreign and Domestic Institutional Investors for unmatched reach and wide and in-depth research coverage. Combining a thorough knowledge of local equity dynamics with global best practices, our sales team works closely with the equity research team to deliver fundamentally focused, conviction-based recommendations. The sales team features some of the most experienced names in the industry and BRS's local reach is unmatched. BRS is the first Broking House to get a Credit Rating; awarded BB+ rating from RAM Rating Lanka with a positive outlook. BRS has empaneled with several leading international brokerage houses and currently accounts for a significant share of foreign trades carried out in the Colombo Stock Exchange. The company is blessed with a competent team of Investment Advisors, who collectively account for more than 200 years of experience in Sri Lanka's Capital Market Industry.
  • Online Trading

    Experience the convenience and power of online trading at BRS. Our state-of-the-art online trading systems empower our valued customers to monitor, analyze, and trade in the market with ease. The dynamic back-office Team at BRS works around the clock to always provide our clients with uninterrupted service through the most advanced brokerage and trading facilities available across multiple platforms including computer applications, web applications, and mobile applications. With secure access backed by exceptional technical and client support you can stay connected and access your reports seamlessly anytime, anywhere.

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  • Foreign Desk

    BRS is empaneled with several leading foreign brokerage houses and has a dedicated foreign desk to cater to Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs). Our foreign desk at BRS embodied with experienced and professional team to serve our institutional and High Net Worth Clients, directing them for investment options, providing strategic analysis/ inputs for turnkey financial solutions and recommending beneficial shares. Our team is empowered to provide in-depth fundamental market analysis to our valuable customers by analyzing the financial charts and movement of products. Additionally, we Prepare and deliver presentations on key findings to acquaint the customers with market fundamentals and risk margins.
  • Research

    The BRS research team provides routine stock market information to investors on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In addition to this, the team compiles comprehensive research reports which cover economic, industry and company specific analysis reports which are backed by firsthand information obtained via company/factory visits coupled with regular macro and micro analysis. The team also attends regular investor forums / presentations to get further insights into their research. BRS gives due recognition to research and believes in fundamental analysis as a catalyst to promote stock market investments.

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Our Products

  • SBL and RSS

    Empower your investment strategy with BRS by utilizing the SBL & RSS facilities. These were the latest modes of trading introduced by the Colombo Stock Exchange and we are pleased to inform that our clients can utilize these facilities seamlessly through BRS. The Stock Borrowing and Lending (SBL) and Regulated Short Selling (RSS) facility offers unparalleled opportunities for investors, which will enable you to redefine your approach to trading.

    Stock Borrowing and Lending Transaction (SBL) connects lenders and borrowers of shares for a predetermined period at an agreed interest rate allowing investors to borrow or lend shares which are frequently traded. Regulated short selling (SBL) on the other hand, allows investors to sell shares not owned by them, benefiting from a declining market. This allows borrowing shares, selling them in the market and buying them back later at a lower price, and returning them to the lender withing the specified period of the SBL transaction.