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W. M. M. Chanaka

Hi, I am W. M. M. Chanaka

Head Of Finance

I am a seasoned professional in the field of accounting and finance. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in Accounting from the University of Sri Jayawardenepura. My expertise is further strengthened by my Associate Memberships in prestigious organizations such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, the Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Australia, and the Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka.

Since 2011, I have been an integral part of Bartleet Religare Securities, where I have made significant contributions to the company’s financial activities. My role encompasses various responsibilities, including financial analysis, management accounting, and financial reporting. With my comprehensive knowledge and experience, I ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial information, which plays a crucial role in informed decision-making.

I am driven by a passion for continuous learning, always staying updated with the latest developments and regulations in the financial industry. This enables me to provide valuable insights and support to both the organization and our clients. Upholding the highest ethical standards is of utmost importance to me, and I am committed to maintaining professionalism in all aspects of my work.

Working alongside a talented team of professionals at Bartleet Religare Securities, I am proud to contribute to the delivery of exceptional financial services. Our collective goal is to empower our clients and contribute to their success. Being a part of this esteemed organization is truly rewarding, and I am excited to continue growing and making meaningful contributions to the field of accounting and finance.