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Eraj Wijesinghe

Hi, I am Eraj Wijesinghe


I’m proudly serve as the Chairman of the esteemed Bartleet Group of Companies. With over 55 years of experience, my journey has been deeply intertwined with the Plantation Industry.

During my tenure, the Group, which initially commenced its operations in 1904 as Plantation Produce Brokers, Freight Brokers, and Stock Brokers, underwent a remarkable diversification. We emerged as a leading Tea Brokerage firm in Sri Lanka while expanding our footprint into Financial Services, Information/Communication Technology, Mineral Processing and Export, Indenting, and Exports. Notably, several ventures, such as mineral processing for export, insurance, money broking, and stock broking, were successfully established through joint collaborations with international partners.

Previously, I had the privilege of serving as the Chairman of the Colombo Stock Exchange from 2003 to 2006. I actively contributed to the Administrative Reforms Committee initiated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Additionally, I held directorial positions at prestigious institutions such as Bank of Ceylon, BCC Lanka Limited, Merchant Bank of Ceylon, and United Motors Lanka Limited.

At a national level, I had the honor of serving as the Honorary Vice Consul General of the Netherlands to the Republic of Sri Lanka and Maldives from 1972 to 1990.

My passion for sports and community involvement has driven me to actively engage in various organizations. I served as the Vice President of the Asian Badminton Confederation, held council membership, and chaired the Administration Committee of the Badminton World Federation. Moreover, I proudly held positions as the President of the Sri Lanka Badminton Association, President of the Mercantile Badminton Association, Vice President of the National Olympic Committee, and President of the Colombo Rowing Club. Additionally, I served as the President of the Rotary Club, Colombo Mid City, and the Colombo District Sri Lanka Scout Association.

Deeply committed to social and spiritual causes, I have actively contributed to the National Council of YMCA’s in Sri Lanka. I held the esteemed position of President of the National Council of YMCA’s and served as Vice President of the Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCAs and World Alliance of YMCAs. Currently, I am honored to serve as the President of the Ceylon Bible Society and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army of Sri Lanka. Moreover, I proudly serve as the Patron of the National Council of YMCAs and have previously held the position of Chairman of the Property Development Board of the National Council of YMCAs.