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Anne Rishmi Perera

Hi, I am Anne Rishmi Perera

Compliance & Legal Officer

I am a highly qualified professional with expertise in law and corporate matters. As an Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, Registered Company Secretary, and Registered Trademark Agent in Sri Lanka, I bring a comprehensive set of skills and qualifications to my role.

I have earned a LL.B (Hons) degree from the esteemed Faculty of Law at the University of Colombo, which has equipped me with a solid foundation in legal principles and practices. I am well-versed in various areas of law, including corporate law, contract law, intellectual property law, and commercial law.

With experience in the corporate sector, I have had the opportunity to work closely with businesses and organizations, providing legal counsel and guidance. I am adept at handling corporate governance matters, drafting and reviewing legal documents, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws.

As a Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths, I have the authority to authenticate and certify legal documents, making me a trusted professional for the execution of important legal instruments. Additionally, my registration as a Company Secretary enables me to offer specialized expertise in company law, corporate secretarial practices, and regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, my registration as a Trademark Agent allows me to assist individuals and businesses in protecting their intellectual property rights through the registration and management of trademarks.

I am committed to providing exceptional legal services, upholding the highest ethical standards, and ensuring the best interests of my clients. I stay updated with the latest legal developments and industry practices to deliver accurate and effective legal advice.

With my diverse skill set and experience, I am well-equipped to handle legal matters, provide strategic guidance, and contribute to the success of businesses and individuals in navigating the complex legal landscape.