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With the digitalization process of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) transactions underway, CSE has now introduced the mobile App to easily open an account and to transact with your fingertips. To open an account through the mobile application, you just need to download the CSE mobile application and fill out the account opening forms.

If you choose to invest in the stock market the first and the foremost factor you need to accomplish is having a CDS Account. There is more than one type of accounts that you can open through our broker firm according to your needs. These are -
a. Individuals & Joint Accounts (Local/ Foreign)
b. Company Accounts (Local/ Foreign)

The following videos will guide you as to how to open a CDS Account through Mobile application and to do further changes at your fingertips
Account Opening
Local Individual
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Foriegn Individual
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Local Companies
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Foreign Companies
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